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Economic Council of Palm Beach County Budgets for EE in Public Schools

In late 2013, the Economic Council of Palm Beach County agreed to work cooperatively with the Palm Beach County School District to examine areas where efficiencies in operation might be identified and implemented in order to reduce pressure on the District’s annual budgeting.

The quality education of our children is universally acknowledged as one of the best investments we can make here in Palm Beach County. This exercise was designed to try to identify and quantify, if possible, those areas which would allow more of the District’s budget to go directly to educational activities.

The Economic Council solicited and assembled a group of volunteers, expert in their field, to review the District Facilities Management and Transportation Systems operations and practices. For over 4 months, the Economic Council committee volunteers worked to review information supplied by District staff.

On June 4, 2014, the Economic Council presented its final report and recommendations, concentrating on Energy Efficiencies for school facilities and transportation systems operations to the School Board. The report outlines practice modifications which, if implemented, could save the School District millions of dollars annually, funding which can be put back into our classrooms.

Rick Reikenis served as Chair of the committees on behalf of the Economic Council. At the recognition of the Economic Council’s efforts at the School Board’s meeting on June 18, he gave credit to the Palm Beach County business community and the School District staff, “The Economic Council, together with its significant corporate resources, is grateful for the opportunity to assist with bringing additional funding to our classrooms, where the future of Palm Beach County is nurtured.”

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